Resources for Faculty

Based on feedback from faculty representatives on the Curriculum Committee, the resources collected here solely focus on the advisor-advisee relationship. Like all other pages, it is hoped that faculty members will share resources and best practices to supplement or otherwise engage with what is presented here.

What can advisees expect from you? What can you expect from your advisees? Based on a cursory review of scholarly research and popular articles, a few recurring themes have developed.

Effective advisors are…

  • coaches
  • encouraging
  • critical
  • reasonably available
  • professional
  • flexible

“5 Tips to Being the Advisor your Graduate Student Needs” (2012) by Academic Coach Taylor is a brief article with useful insights. You might also consider the variety of advising and mentoring resources from Brown University.

Are you reading First and Second Exams? Find answers to FAQ’s, including a suggested assessment rubric, here.

Successful advisees are…

  • independent
  • enterprising
  • proactive
  • self-aware
  • professional
  • flexible

In order to foster their growth as independent scholars, doctoral students should guide their own research process and periodically confer with advisors as needed. However, advisors have the responsibility to manage individual relationships with advisees according to the academic, social, and career advancement goals of each student. Advice and resources for graduate students are provided here on the website.